May. 11th, 2010

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So, today I procrastinated by reading a book about personal space across different cultures, and it made me think.

Everyone knows it's not cool to run up to someone you don't know and hug them (or make any physical contact) without asking for permission. This is common sense...I don't run up to a person in the mall because I like their shirt. But if I know someone online, I usually don't ask permission before hugging them irl, unless it's clear they're uncomfortable. I'm self-centered, so I just assume that if I'm comfortable, everyone is comfortable. The possibility that they might not be usually doesn't even occur to me.

This is very, very uncool.

I want to individually apologize to people, but I really don't know who I've made uncomfortable, and honestly, I don't remember how many people I've touched inappropriately (dear god that sounds bad, but I phrase it that way to include things like touching someone's arm while talking, or touching their hair while complimenting it, or picking off a piece of fluff without giving more warning than 'hang on a sec').

In short, if I've made you uncomfortable, I'm incredibly sorry. In the future, I'll try much, much harder to be more respectful.

Now, back to real work.


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